Construction of highways M3-M30

It was an almost 4-year long task for the leader of the Hungarian Highway Construction Consortium, the Vegyépszer Rt and the group members. The highway M3 and the 66-km long section of the highway M30 contains seven nodes, many objects (underpasses, overpasses) and 2 significant bridges (the bridges of Oszlár and Mocsárrét). The Tisza bridge at Oszlár leads the highway M3 over the river Tisza. Regarding the connection of the regions it is of historical significance. From environmental perspective the bridge of Mocsárrét is preserving a significant, priceless natural treasure from the traffic’s harm. The Gyárépszer Zrt. performed the manufacturing and on-site installation of the mentioned sections’ traffic-technical equipment. The building of the M30 node’s portal and console structures were also of great significance. The highway M3 is dividing between the sections 149-150 km of the M3, and the M30 starts from here toward Miskolc. In this node there are 4 portals and 8 consol structures. Besides these constructions we also had to deliver and install 3 collision impediments (so-called energy-absorption equipment).

Along the highway M30 we performed the assembling of the road balustrades as well as the manufacturing of the portals, consoles and local placement; our task consisted of installing 11 portals and 2 console structures.

The highway M3 was finished by November 30, 2002, the highway M30 by November 30, 2004. Practically by carrying out these huge tasks and keeping constructing the road the highway connection between Budapest and the outstanding cities (Miskolc, Nyregyháza and Debrecen) of the Eastern part has been and is being established. 

During the last years the owners of the company carried out serious developments in terms of our assets, the manufacturing equipment has been modernised and the vehicle park has been enlarged with 8 installation vehicles taking part in constructing and commissioning the highway.


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